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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Husband Pile- Organizing 2012 P2

So, I have a bone to pick with my husband (and he is fully aware of it)  He walks in the door from work and a mess just follows. 

Actually his mess walks in before he does. 

Every day, before even walking up the one-step entry way, he empties his pockets on to the entrance ledge and leaves a heaping pile of crap which he leaves there until he leaves for work the following morning. It annoys me, he knows it annoys me, but just can't seem to make the change. So I have decided to try and at least make his mess look prettier.   

I started with this random plastic piece. I actually don't know what it is. I had like 50 of them donated to me and figured they would come in handy somehow. Anyone know what it is? something for cross stitch or something? they are plastic... I dunno

I began cutting the plastic to make pieces for the fabric box I intended to make for my husbands mess. It took a bit of measuring, and some left over turquoise fabric, and out came a fabric box to house his S%&$* stuff , at least I can see the pretty box I made before seeing his crap-o-la that is STILL on the ledge!!

Now how do I get him to take off his boots BEFORE walking all over my newly washed floors.. hmmm.. project for another day, I guess.

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