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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Turquoise chalkin'

Scored at the thrift store!! Saw this beauty..

Yikes, can't say I would use it the way it was, but some sanding paper, turquoise paint, and a proper fun metal stand, I now have a new addition....

Now, what to write on there? 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our FIRST Giveaway!!!!!


That's right
you heard right
We have a giveaway for you to win!!!!

To win, do the following:

1. "follow" our blog, comment on this post
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Each entry is a chance to WIN one of your own coupon organizer!!

This organizer comes with:

♥ 26 blank dividers

♥ 80 pre printed peel and stick labels

♥ attaches to your shopping cart for easy use and EASY access to your coupons!

♥ Endless possibilities for you to organizer it your way. Aisle by aisle, alphabetical order, store by store, and you change it around when you want to fit your needs.

♥ never falls apart (holds up for many years)

♥ holds 100’s of coupons

Organizer measures:

8 inches long

5 inches tall (when closed)

2 inches in depth

The outside is 100% cotton and it is fully lined with coordinating fabric.

Stiff stabilizer has been used to give it stiffness. A matching button has been attached to the back for closer and for attaching to your shopping cart with the elastic.

Can't wait to see if you could win?? There is a coupon code available for you to purchase your organizer at a 10% discounted rate!! Enter code lilly30 at checkout today!!  

They are super cute and super handy!! 
Giveaway ends Tuesday 2-21 at 11:59PM 
Enter for your chance to win today!!!!!!!!!!



**An email has been sent, and an announcement has been made on our facebook page**

THANK YOU!! to all of you who participated!!! 

Well, We get to draw for A NEW WINNER!!!
After giving our first winner AMPLE time to respond, it i time for us to draw a second winner!  

and the winner is....



Congratulations, email has been sent and announcement has been made on our facebook page! 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine hearts

My morning consisted of three kids under five, chocolate, sticky candy canes, and a whole lotta messy fun, but hey... at least they all turned out cute!!  

Happy Valentine's day! 

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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Daughter distress- Organizing 2012 P3

So, my daughter is at an age where she thinks her clothes are mearly accessories to her lovely personality which also changes every 3.2 seconds. She changes her clothes soooooo often it makes me dizzy. Does she put the clothes away? hell no.   I decided to make a sorting game.  It has been two days, and she is still diggin it. I started with some clearance christmas doo-dad ornament thingies (yes, technical term)

Then I turned to the computer to find some appropriate clipart, printed it out, and had the daughter help me identify and glue the new pics to the ornaments

We found shirts, pants, sweatshirts, pajamas, socks, etc. Glued them all on....

Seems so simple, but I think it might just be enough of a gimmic to get a three-year-old to cooperate


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