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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dog Collars

Well I had no idea it would make me busy, but I posted to facebook that I had 8 dog collar sets left, then suddenly I had 6 orders for them! I guess I better to my machine and get sewing some beauties for our pooches!!

As always, all proceeds go to Charity. If you like what we do here on our lil blog, please "follow" us !


  1. What a great idea - I looove this! PS: I just pinned this post. Karima

  2. Karima, thanks so much! we are always trying to find new ways to raise funds for charity! Thanks for posting! (and pinning!!)

  3. Love these dog collars... we just got a teacup maltese and her neck is so small nothing fits her!! I came across your blog on Sunday Social and so glad I did. Love your posts and your newest follower :o))

    1. Thanks! Always grateful for followers, posts, and people enjoying the things we do here. And by the way, that dog sounds sooo stinkin cute!