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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fresh start

Around here after this CRAZY two weeks of total chaos, I am ready to begin the :normal world of crafting/cleaning/blogging/fund raising/ and doing some fun activities with my kiddos.
I figure what way to start off than to start with a new item. I introduce.....
           THE TUTU TOTE

The traditional tote bag, but with a cutsy tutu around the bottom quarter of the bag. I was inspired because I know a lot of little girls are doing summer ballet/dance/tap/ etc.and this would be the perfect accessory for those shoes.sweater, socks, etc.  Plus, what an easy way to make a donation. Speaking of donations, This month,  our area is hosting relay for life. Cancer (like Chairi) absolutely effects all the loved ones involved, so my plan is to raise funds to donate to that cause as well. Please help us reach our goal by purchasing this item on the etsy shop HERE. Thank you!

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