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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

crunch time

No worries blog followers, I am not forgetting about you. I am just freaking out preparing for the big 'ole craft show this weekend.  If you need some info about it, let me know. There is a banner in the top right corner of my blog that will link you to the show's site. Annnnnnd, if you are reading the blog, jump back over the the right side of the blog and "follow" my blog. Please, pretty please. please I will not beg. please. :) more followers equals more support and awareness  (pretty please) :)


  1. I just wanted to say that I am already a follower, and chose to follow your blog because my husband also has Chiari. He had a decompression in 2004, but still has many Chiari issues. Every day is a new challenge, but we have adapted to it. I hope the craft show goes well this weekend.

  2. Well thank you so much for the "following" and the comment. There is so little known about chiari and the effects, that I feel it is so important for Chiarans (and family) to continue to talk to come to some conclusions on our own. I hope your husband finds many, many, many pain free days.