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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Friends and Family...


    Many of you know my friend Lindsay who has a very sick little girl, Elena. Many of you have attended benefits, said millions of prayers, and cheered along side as she fought for her life.  

    I have often felt pretty helpless when it comes to figuring out what I can do to help. I recently came up with this idea, and with Lindsay's permission, I got the "go ahead" to help this rambunctious, funny, precious, and incredible girl  take on her newest challenge which is to be a NON ACTIVE three year old. Having a three year old in my house, I can imagine how hard that can be to get her to stay still!!

There is a medical list of reasons why, but I am in no way qualified to explain, so just take my word for it :)

One thing that Lindsay has asked for numerous times from the therapists is an iPad for Elena.  For years Lindsay has tried to obtain an iPad for Elena to learn more sign language along with numerous other educational activities. 

This is where I intend to step in.....

I have created the Journey notebook....

I am looking for individuals to sell 5 or 10 of these to their friends and family at $10.00 Each (therefore raising $50.00 or $100.00) and sending raised funds back to me. (or if it easier we can arrange for me to pick up funds from you)  I will also be selling these at my craft shows through the fall. 

In the end, my goal is to raise enough funds to buy Elena an iPad. All "extra" money will go to Lindsay to purchase software, Apps, accessories, etc.

If you are able to help, please know that is is sooo greatly appreciated. Please contact me HERE 

Once you contact me, we will arrange a set up for me to deliver 5 or 10 journey notebooks to you. (your choice how many you would like to sell) and when you have collected funds we can meet again for the collection of funds. All individuals who help sell the journey notebooks will be listed in the card given to Elena with her gift. 

I appreciate anyone and everyone who is able to help with this. Lindsay and her whole family have been through an incredibly challenging journey. Anything we can do to make the road a little less bumpy would sure be appreciated.  Thank you in advance to all my (and Elena/ Lindsay's) wonderful friends family, supporters,  and cheerleaders!!!

To learn more about their story visit HERE


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