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Friday, August 12, 2011


Ugh, me and my "newbie" blogging has landed me with a great big DUH on my head!

I have been working hard to gain followers and have really enjoyed everyone communicating and helping me with the fundraising efforts. I just couldn't figure out why my followers were only at a measly five?!?!

Thanks to Kim at Tiaras and Bowties for bringing it my attention my audience wasn't able to "follow" me because the option was not displayed on my page!!! UGH!

So, now the problem is fixed, I hope :)

 So here is my plea again....

My "followers" list is pretty pathetic, so I would truly appreciate if you are someone who reads, but doesn't follow,  please click the "follow"
If you are new, please "follow"
If you like the idea of crafting for a cause please click "follow"
If you know anyone suffering from a life altering diagnosis please click "follow"
Heck, you get the point.. Just click "follow" !!!!
pretty please and thank you


  1. All fixed! Happily following you now, so keep spreading the word...people wil come!

  2. I can't get your follow option working. Hope you still can fix it.


  3. Just stumbled upon your blog, and am a new follower! I know it is tough to get followers (I stopped looking at mine). My daughter is having growth hormone problems, and by accident, we found she has a mild Chiari 1. So far (knocking wood) she doesn't seem to be affected by it, and I really hope it stays that way.
    Anyhow... keep it up, followers will come!