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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Lake County Center for Indepent Living- Illinois

Selina and I have been involved with a center to help us answer questions, know where to go, and feel more confident as she recovers from her decompression surgery. If it weren't for Jamie and the Chiari Center Foundation we never would have known places like The Center For Independent Living existed. Upon contacting them, Selina was assigned to an advocate. This is a specific person we meet with (weekly is possible) to aks questions, sign her up for certain things, and get help with everything in general.
So, why am i telling you this?
The center is hurting financially (like everything these days) so they are holding a Gala to raise funds and awareness about their center and all that they do. I just wanted to put it out there in case the center was able to help someone who loved,or in case you were interested in donating, sponsoring, or attending the gala and/or center. Please feel free to visit their site and explore. If you are interested in more information, I can help with that :)

And please if you are a chiarian with no where to go, look and see if your county has any assistance for you. Thus far, I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge our advocate, Cathy, is. Know your rights and what is available to you.
I hope this post finds you having a pain-free day :)

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